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Argentina and its march towards World War Next

Entries below briefly detail the corresponding icons and event titles as shown on the index page. These are used in the overall determination of current geo-political standing as it pertains to the upcoming World War. Notable past conflicts / civil wars /internal divisions are included to showcase a running history and the influence these events have had (or will have) on laying the groundwork of the country in question. This running timeline becomes particularly important when considering a given nation's modern day neighbors, global geo-political standing, and the potential for future skirmishes and / or outright conflict.

Note that the inclusion of wars/conflicts is not intended to be exhaustive but rather an indication of ongoing commitments/troubles and a representation of former/current national relationships with other parties.

Warfooting shows a given country's current position as it relates to World War Next. Levels run the spectrum of peace (green), notice, buildup, deterrence, readiness, and - ultimately - the march to war (red).

Stockpiling Resources
The nation is actively restricting certain export goods to foreign nations while stockpiling resources to strengthen local stores.
NATO Global Partner (Interest)
The nation has expressed an interest in joining NATO as a Global Partner (Non-Member), formally applying as such on April 18th, 2024.
Economic Challenges
The nation faces considerable economic challenges against the backdrop of a difficult local, regional, and global economic outlook and decades of Leftist rule.
The nation is an active member of the Southern Common Market trade bloc which focuses on the regional economic market of South America.
Military Modernization
The nation is undergoing, or has laid the ground work for, modernization / expansion of its fighting forces primarily through foreign procurement initiatives.
Internal Unrest
Recent far-reaching governmental reforms have led to a dissatisfied citizenry with brewing unrest.
Political Unrest
Opposing parties have driven division in the political landscape which can lead to internal unrest and general security issues.
Gold Repatriation
Citing stability and security of its gold stores in the United States, the nation has moved on repatriating its supplies.
Falklands War (1982,UK)
The nation fought a months-long war against the United Kingdom from April to June of 1982 resulting in a British Victory.
Dirty War (1974-82)
The nation suffered through the period known as the Dirty War which saw political dissidents and related taken into custody, imprisoned, or executed. As many as 30,000 were murdered or 'disappeared' by government forces.
Uruguayan War (1964-65)
The nation supported the Empire of Brazil, the Colorado Party, and the Unitarian Party against Uruaguay, the Blanco Party, and the Federalist Party; the war would end as a Brazilian-Colorado Victory.
Paraguayan War (1964-70)
The nation took part in the Triple Alliance alongside the Brazilian Empire and Uruguay against Paraguay. The result was an Allied victory and territory ceded to both Brazil and Argentina; the nations would occupy Paraguay until 1876.
Cisplatine War (1825-28)
The nation (as the United Provinces) alongside the Thirty-Three Orientals coalition took on the Empire of Brazil resulting in the Preliminary Peace Convention; Cisplatina becoming the nation of Uruguay.
War of Independence (1810-18)
The nation (as the United Provinces of the Rio de la Plata) fouoght a war of independence against the Spanish Monarchy resulting in an Argentine Victory and independence from Spanish colonial rule.

The inclusion of wars/conflicts is not intended to be exhaustive but rather an indication of ongoing commitments/troubles and a representation of former/current national relationships with other parties.
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