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Indonesia and its march towards World War Next

Entries below briefly detail the corresponding icons and event titles as shown on the index page. These are used in the overall determination of current geo-political standing as it pertains to the upcoming World War. Notable past conflicts / civil wars /internal divisions are included to showcase a running history and the influence these events have had (or will have) on laying the groundwork of the country in question. This running timeline becomes particularly important when considering a given nation's modern day neighbors, global geo-political standing, and the potential for future skirmishes and / or outright conflict.

Note that the inclusion of wars/conflicts is not intended to be exhaustive but rather an indication of ongoing commitments/troubles and a representation of former/current national relationships with other parties.

Economic Challenges
While growing, the nation's economy has been slow to show its true potential over the past two decades with an uncertain outlook maintained by observers.
War on Terror (1981-Present)
The nation continues to battle Islamic extremists in the country to include elements of Jemmah Islamiyah and Mujahideen as well as separatist forces.
Papua Conflict (1962-Present)
The nation continues to battle the Free Papua Movement across Central Papua and Highland Papua.
Sabah Border (1962-Present)
The nation continues to battle Moro pirates from Mindanao, Philippines; while security is elevated in the region, border attacks have continued.
China partnership
The nation enjoys a positive economical relationship with global military and financial powerhouse China; the nation ranks just second behind Singapore in total economic support to Indonesia and has invested in many of its infrastructure initiatives.
US Partnership
The nation enjoys a positive relationshop with global military and financial powerhouse United States.
BRICS Interest
The nation has expressed an interest in joining the Eastern-aligned BRICS economic alliance headlined by Brazil (B), Russia (R), India (I), China (C), and South Africa (S).
The nation possesses the capability to construct warships and submarines from its own shipyards.
Naval Power
The nation is recognized as a nalav power in the region with a well-rounded fighting force of surface and undersea combatants of modern design, construction, and capabilities.
Aceh Insurgency (1976-2005)
Government forces claimed a tactical victory against the Free Aceh Movement.
East Timor (1975-99)
Federal forces invaded East Timor on December 7th, 1975 to defeat an armed resistance with the state occupied/annexed (formal independence would ultimately be had in 1999). The brutal occupation would lead to categorizations of genocide by some scholars.
Indonesia-Malaysia Confrontation (1963-66)
The nation, backed by communist China and the Soviet Union, fought a war to oppose the creation of the state of Malaysia backed by an alliance of Commonwealth nations in Australia, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand; the war ended with a Commonwealth Victory and Indonesian acceptance of the state of Malaysia.
National Revolution (1945-49)
The nation fought its Dutch overseers to victory in the aftermath of World War II, earning its independence from the Dutch Empire; most of the Dutch East Indies now falls under the United States of Indonesia.
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The inclusion of wars/conflicts is not intended to be exhaustive but rather an indication of ongoing commitments/troubles and a representation of former/current national relationships with other parties.
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