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North Korea and its march towards World War Next

Entries below briefly detail the corresponding icons and event titles as shown on the index page. These are used in the overall determination of current geo-political standing as it pertains to the upcoming World War. Notable past conflicts / civil wars /internal divisions are included to showcase a running history and the influence these events have had (or will have) on laying the groundwork of the country in question. This running timeline becomes particularly important when considering a given nation's modern day neighbors, global geo-political standing, and the potential for future skirmishes and / or outright conflict.

Note that the inclusion of wars/conflicts is not intended to be exhaustive but rather an indication of ongoing commitments/troubles and a representation of former/current national relationships with other parties.

Warfooting shows a given country's current position as it relates to World War Next. Levels run the spectrum of peace (green), notice, buildup, deterrence, readiness, and - ultimately - the march to war (red).

Border Clashes (1953-Present)
The nation remains in an official state of war with South Korea, leading to various border clashes and occassional flare-ups erupting between the two parties.
Korean Unification
The nation seeks to reunify, either politically or militarily, the Korean Peninsula and its peoples.
Regional Tensions (SKO,US,JPN)
The nation sees the threat of war emerging from South Korea, the United States, and - to a certain extent - Japan.
Nuclear-Armed Power
The nation is a recognized nuclear-armed power with an estimated 50 to 90 warheads available; it has withdrawn from the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and is a non-signatory of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT).
Defense Pact (RUS,2024)
The nation has signed a formal defense pact with neighboring Russia to aid in one another's defense should either nation come under attack.
China Ally
The nation is a long-standing ally of neighboring Communist China, benefiting from both trade and regional military protection.
Russia Alliance
The nation has a long-standing relationship with Russia dating back to the days of the Soviet Union during the Cold War period (1946-1991).
Russia Material Support
The nation is a known military material supplier of Russia in its war against neighboring Ukraine.
'Million-Man' Army
The nation is capable of mustering the so-called 'Million-Man' Army from its various service branches - drawing tens of thousands of fanatical souls from active, reserve, and paramilitary forces.
Communist Leadership
The nation operates through a strict, single-party totalitarian-based dictatorship with third-generation leader Kim Jong Un at the helm.
CRINK Alliance
The nation is (unofficially) grouped by the United States with allies China (C), Russia (R), and Iran (I) making up the 'CRINK' consortium of anti-Western military powers.
Japanese Occupation (1910-45)
The nation was under Japanese rule beginning in 1910 when it was annexed by the Empire of Japan. The brutal occupation would last until the defeat of the Empire at the close of World War II in 1945, resulting in the creation of a North Korea and a South Korea.
Yemeni Civil War (1994)
The nation supported the Eastern-aligned Democratic Republic of Yemen against Western-backed Yemen proper; the war ended with a Northern Government (Western) victory.
Ugandan Bush War (1980-86)
The nation backed the Ugandan government to a loss in its fight against the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and allies.
Ethiopian Civil War (1974-91)
The nation supported the Eastern-aligned Derg / PDR Ethiopia against the anti-government rebels; the loss ends the Ethiopian Empire and gives rise to Eritrean independence while making Ethiopia a land-locked nation.
Yom Kippur War (1972)
The nation supported the Arab Coalition against Israel and the West in the weeks-long war that saw an Israeli victory.
Vietnam War (1967-69)
The nation supported the communist North to victory against the South and its Western allies in the long-running Vietnam Conflict.
Communist Insurgency (1965-83)
The nation backed an unsuccessful communist insurgency in Thailand againstthe Western-backed Thai government.
Korean War (1950-53)
The nation fought a bloody years-long war against the United States, South Korea, and the United Nations in the post-World War II period. Aided extensively by China and the Soviet Union, the war spanned from June 1950 until July 1953 and ended in a shaky Armistice that still stands today - no formal end to the war has been recognized.
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The inclusion of wars/conflicts is not intended to be exhaustive but rather an indication of ongoing commitments/troubles and a representation of former/current national relationships with other parties.
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