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Russia and its march towards World War Next

Entries below briefly detail the corresponding icons and event titles as shown on the index page. These are used in the overall determination of current geo-political standing as it pertains to the upcoming World War. Notable past conflicts / civil wars /internal divisions are included to showcase a running history and the influence these events have had (or will have) on laying the groundwork of the country in question. This running timeline becomes particularly important when considering a given nation's modern day neighbors, global geo-political standing, and the potential for future skirmishes and / or outright conflict.

Note that the inclusion of wars/conflicts is not intended to be exhaustive but rather an indication of ongoing commitments/troubles and a representation of former/current national relationships with other parties.

Warfooting shows a given country's current position as it relates to World War Next. Levels run the spectrum of peace (green), notice, buildup, deterrence, readiness, and - ultimately - the march to war (red).

Active War (Russo-Ukrainian War)
The nation is in an active, ongoing war against neighboring Ukraine following a full-scale invasion of the country in February 2022.
Defense Pact (NKO,2024)
The nation has formally signed a military defense pact with ally North Korea signifying a commitment to come to one another's aid should one party be attacked.
Russia-Iran Natural Gas Agreement (2024)
The nation has partnered with ally Iran in providing the oil-rich Gulf State with Russian gas and serve as a regional exporter of the product.
Stockpiling Resources
The nation is actively stockpiling key resources to shore up its reserves against a backdrop of Total War and Western-led sanctions.
SCO Member (2001)
The nation is a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) formed in 1996 between China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Russia, and Tajikistan with the intent to increase military sharing and security in bordering areas.
Regional Tensions (US,EU,NATO)
The nation is in an elevated state of readiness due to its ongoing war with Ukraine in addition to global and regional moves made by the U.S., European Union (EU), and NATO - all of which back Ukraine financial and materially.
Nuclear-Armed Power
The nation stands as one of the few powers in the world possessing nuclear capabilties, showcasing the largest known stock of active warheads ahead of the United States and China. Russian signed the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) but later revoked its ratification.
Nuclear Triad (AIR,LAND,SEA)
The nation possesses the ability to delivery nuclear warheads via three dictinct means: land, sea, and air. This provides ultimate flexibility in attack and deterrence.
Military-Industrial Complex
The nation possesses a mature and veteran military production capability tied to its general industry reflecting a crucial symbiotic relationship of sectors when under the stresses of a wartime economy.
Drone Industry
The nation has a burgeoning drone industry capable of complte design, development, and production of light-, medium-, and heavy-class Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs).
Economic Growth
Despite heavy sanctions from the West, the nation has rebounded its economy amidst the backdrop of an ongoing war with neighboring Ukraine and the growing prospect of World War in Europe.
BRICS Member (2006)
The nation is a founding member of the anti-Western / anti-dollar BRICS economic alliance formed with Brazil (B), Russia (R), India (I), China (C), and South Africa (S). Its formation took place in June of 2009 and currently includes nine total member states with Russia as a leader.
The nation possesses the inherent ability to construct warships and submarines of various classes and sizes. This includes aircraft carriers, support vessels, nuclear-powered / nuclear-armed submarines, and guided-missile surface combatants through a network of participating shipyards.
CRINK Alliance
The nation forms a portion of the so-called CRINK alliance highlighted by the United States; the group includes China (C), Russia (R), Iran (I), and North Korea (NK) - all marked as potential military adversaries.
Advanced Space Technology
The nation has a mature space industry particularly as it relates to satellites.
Hypersonic Technology
The nation is actively pursuing hypersonic technology as it relates to military applications (primarily missiles).
Force Balance
The nation has achieved the proper balance of land-, sea-, and air-based military forces allowing it to challenge top-flight global rivals as well as operate all over the globe.
Naval Power
The nation is recognized as a leading regional and global naval power, possessing all manner of surface and undersea combatants to meet any available threat or adversary. This includes aircraft carriers, guided-missile surface ships, and nuclear-capable / nuclear-powered submarines.
TOP 5 Airpower
The nation is recognized as a TOP 5 airpower due to its investment and commitment across various fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft types including includes attackers, transports, special-mission platforms, trainers, and support units. Over 4,200 total aircraft make up the available fighting force from all contributing service branches.
TOP 10 Tank Power
The nation is recognized as a TOP 10 Tank Power in the world with a massive fleet of tracked, armored vehicles making up the army spearhead.
'Million-Man' Army
The nation has the capability to muster a fighting force of over 1mil souls from active, reserve, and paramilitary service branches to produce the so-called 'Million-Man' Army.
Russia-Iran Strat.Agrmt (2001-25)
The nation entered into a twenty-year agreement with Gulf Power Iran centered on security, infrastructure projects, nuclear energy, industry, and technology sharing. The agreement was extended in 2020 to 2025.
Shared Financial Network (2024,IRN)
The nation has entered into an economic agreement with Iran to integrate its digital financial dealings.
China Partner
The nation is a recognized ally of neighboring China with a mutual military and economic reliance.
Belarus Ally
The nation is a recognized ally of neighboring Belarus with long-running integrated military and economic ties.
Russo-Georgian War (2008)
The nation fought a short-lived war in neighboring Georgia during August 2008 that led to a Russian-Abkhaz-South Ossetian victory and Georgian territorial losses.
2nd Chechen War (1999-2009)
The nation fought a long-running war across the North Caucasus to a Russian military victory against the breakaway republic of Ichkeria. The war took place from October 1999 to April 2000 with Chechnya reincorporated into Russia.
1st Chechen War (1994-96)
The nation fought a war against the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria from December 1994 until August 1996 primarily in and around Chechnya proper and Ingushetia, Stavropol Krai, and Dagestan. The war was fought to quell an independence push on the part of Ichkeria (following a Russian overthrow of the new Chechen govt).
Soviet-Afghan War (1979-89)
The nation fought a decade-long war with the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan against Mujahideens to a Mujahideen Victory; the conflict was a Proxy War of the overarching Cold War with rebel support stemming from the United States, United Kingdom, Pakistan, and others.
Sino-Soviet Split (1958-89)
The nation suffered a falling out with neighboring Communist ally China during the middle-to-latter stages of the Cold War period (1946-1991) leading to competing propaganda campaigns, proxy wars, and limited border skirmishes between the two parties.
Cold War (1946-91)
The nation formed the Eastern portion of the 'East-vs-West' economical-political-military 'Cold War' fought by way of various low-level and large-scale proxy wars against the West, led primarily the United States.
Continuation War (1941-44,FIN)
As the Soviet Union, the nation fought the Finns, now aligned with Nazi Germany backed by Italian naval support, to a victory and the Moscow Armistice.
Winter War (1939-40,FIN)
As part of the fighting of the Second World War (1939-1945), the nation invaded neighboring Finland in November of 1939 to begin the Winter War. Despite heavy losses with numerial superiority, the Soviets claimed as much as 9% of Finnish territory.
Civil War (1917-22)
The nation suffered through a bloody civil war following the collapse of the Russian Empire in 1917 by way of revolution. The result of the fighting was a Boshevik Victory which set the stage for decades of rule as the Soviet Union.
Russian Revolution (1917)
The nation suffered through a brutal revolution during World War I in 1917 that saw the end of its monarchy and the Russian Empire proper. The country reemerged as the communist Soviet Union and existed for the duration of the Interwar Period (1919-38), World War II (1939-45), and the subsequent Cold War (1946-91) as a primary rival to the West.
Russo-Japanese War (1904-05)
As the Russian Empire, the nation fought an unpopular war against neighboring power Japan (as the Japanese Empire) from February 1904 to September 1905. The global military power Russia lost to an industrializing Japan resulting in the Treaty of Portsmouth.
Soviet Republic (Fmr)
The nation formed the heart of what was the Soviet Union that fought the West throughout the Cold War period.
Soviet Union (1922-91)
The nation was at the heart of the anti-West / counter-West movement that originated in World War I and was front-and-center in World War II and the subsequent nuclear-charged Cold War period.
Russian Empire (1721-1917)
The nation existed as the Russian Empire from 1721 to 1917, ultimately doomed by the events of World War I and the Revolution / Russian Civil War (1917-22).
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The inclusion of wars/conflicts is not intended to be exhaustive but rather an indication of ongoing commitments/troubles and a representation of former/current national relationships with other parties.
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