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Ukraine and its march towards World War Next

Entries below briefly detail the corresponding icons and event titles as shown on the index page. These are used in the overall determination of current geo-political standing as it pertains to the upcoming World War. Notable past conflicts / civil wars /internal divisions are included to showcase a running history and the influence these events have had (or will have) on laying the groundwork of the country in question. This running timeline becomes particularly important when considering a given nation's modern day neighbors, global geo-political standing, and the potential for future skirmishes and / or outright conflict.

Note that the inclusion of wars/conflicts is not intended to be exhaustive but rather an indication of ongoing commitments/troubles and a representation of former/current national relationships with other parties.

Warfooting shows a given country's current position as it relates to World War Next. Levels run the spectrum of peace (green), notice, buildup, deterrence, readiness, and - ultimately - the march to war (red).

Active War (RUS)
The nation is in an active war with neighboring / regional parties; Russia invaded the country in February 2022 to begin the Russo-Ukrainian War.
War in Donbass (2014-Present)
The war in Donbass started in April of 2014 when Russian separatist elements seized Ukrainian territories. Battle for its control has since been rolled into the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian War which began with the Russian invasion in February of 2022.
Border Tensions (BLR)
Since the Russian invasion of February 2022, the nation has been keeping a close eye on its northern neighbor (and Russian ally) Belarus.
US/EU/NATO Military Material Support
The nation is actively supported in its current war effort through financial and material sales and donations from the United States, the European Union, and select NATO members.
Wartime Economy
The nation is committed to a wartime economy as it continues to battle Russian elements in the East as part of the Russo-Ukrainian War.
Economic Challenges
The nation's commitment to the Russo-Ukrainian War has placed a tremendous strain on the local economy, putting future growth in doubt and a greater reliance on foreign assistance.
US/EU Economic Support
The nation is actively buoyed in its wartime economy by the United States, the European Union, and select Western powers.
US 10-Year Security Deal (2024)
The nation has entered into a formal security deal with military and global powerhouse United States in 2024 for the period of 10 years. The U.S. is to provide military training, general assistance, and intelligence-sharing to Ukraine.
Security Pacts (EU,LTH,EST,POL)
In 2024, a growing Western coalition has committed to formally assisting Ukraine in its war against Russia in the avenues of military training, demining operations, arms deliveries, defense industry cooperation.
Internal Unrest
Years of war has worn on the citizenry, economy, and general outlook for the country while political opposition groups call out suspensions of basic democratic freedoms and processes by the acting government.
Internal Security
An active war has opened the country up to internal threats by way of assassinations, bombings, and general fomenting of instability by local and foreign opposition groups.
Military-Industrial Complex
The nation has an active military production capability related to the manufacture and sustainment of battlefield-related goods from small arms and vehicles to artillery and aircraft.
NATO Aspirations
The nation has formally announced its desire to join NATO in an official capacity.
Soviet Ally (fmr,1922-91)
The nation is a former ally of the Soviet Union during the Cold War period (1946-1991). After the fall and susequent dismantling of the Soviet Empire, Ukraine became an independent country with both Russia and the West vying for influence in the state.
German Occupation (1941-44)
Following the retreat of Soviet forces from Ukraine during 1941, Nazi Germany established the Reichskommissariat to govern the newly acquired nation, forcibly dismantling the acting government in the process.
Anti-Soviet Insurgency (1942-60)
In-country elements (Ukrainian Insurgent Army, Ukrainian People's Revolutionary Army) ran an anti-Soviet insurgency against their overseers during World War II and the period immediately following.
Anti-Nazi Insurgency (1942-44)
In-country elements (Ukrainian Insurgent Army, Ukrainian People's Revolutionary Army) ran an anti-Nazi insurgency against their overseers during the German occupation.
Ukrainian Independence (1941)
Ukrainian attempt to become independent as German forces routed the Soviets out of Ukraine; German occupation ensued.
Polish-Soviet War (1919-21)
The nation joined Poland, Belarus, and Lativa in 1920 to push Poland to a victory against the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (Soviet forces would keep control over Eastern Belarus and Eastern Ukraine).
War of Independence (1917-19)
The nation fought a war of independence, losing to the Bolsheviks and becoming the Ukrainian SSR (Poland would sieze Western Ukraine).
Russian Civil War (1917-23)
Ukraine supported Western-aligned forces which lost to a Bolshevik Victory on both Eastern and Southern Fronts.
Polish-Ukrainian War (1918-19)
The nation (as the West Ukrainian People's Republic and Ukrainian People's Republic) fought a war against the Second Polish Republic from November 1918 to July 1919. The republics were remnants of the dissolved Russian and Austrian empires following the close of World War I (1914-1918). The result was a Polish victory (supported by Czechoslovakia, France, Romania, and Hungary) with annexation of West Ukrainian People's Republic territory claimed by the victor.
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The inclusion of wars/conflicts is not intended to be exhaustive but rather an indication of ongoing commitments/troubles and a representation of former/current national relationships with other parties.
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