World War Next

World War 2 formally ended on September 2nd, 1945 and, in the decades since, the modern age has been rife with local and regional clashes, wars, and rumors of wars. Today, the world is evermore a powder keg ready to become alight as it inches towards the next Great Global Conflict. World War Next (WWN) takes an algorithmic approach to predicting such an event, given unprecedented access to the data behind defense aggregate - fusing this information with current global events as well as the previous two World Wars.

Road to World War III

Using our color-coded system, each global player's position in the road to war is depicted by GREEN, YELLOW, and RED to reflect severity; GREEN signifies relative stability, YELLOW showcases internal or external division / strife along with a growing threat to be pulled into Total War, and RED depicts a country at war or marching towards war - heavily contributing to the prospect of a new Grand Global Conflict. Countries are weighed through a 'points value' buried within our formula that is based on their active or passive participation in the previous two World Wars as well as their current status as it relates to current events.
The bar below depicts the growing prospects of a new World War with relative peace attained towards the extreme Left of the bar (green) and a state of Total War achieved to the extreme Right of the bar (red). The Diamond icon depicts the current 'state of things' based on inputted data which covers 85 countries, from minor to major participants. Data last updated July 2024.

Embers of a World on Fire
Country Blocks are clickable, revealing various commitments, strengths, histories, ongoing / potential alliances, and past or current military initiatives. Key qualities such as having an active Military-Industrial Complex, shipbuilding capabilities, and being a nuclear-armed power are noted.

Top Visiting Countries (July, 2024)
A look at who is 'Watching the Watchers' over the last 30 days; those global powers with a rising interest in World War Next.
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